Thursday, May 3, 2018

Klandestin - Green Acid of Last Century (2018)

This year's 4/20 came and went, and we were gifted with the arrival of the first Sleep album in two decades. Not only that, but it was day that had many other releases as well. Sadly, a lot of them fell off my radar due to the excitement surrounding "The Sciences". Now that the cosmic debris has settled a couple week's later, and I've been wondering how Stoner Doom will survive now that "The Sciences" exists, but then again I hadn't listened to Klandestin's "Green Acid of Last Century" yet.
Stoner Doom definitely doesn't get accused of being the most original sub genre of metal or extreme music, and this is no different. However, this doesn't mean it's not good. In fact, this album is pretty fucking awesome. The sound is definitely killer. The massive riffs are thick are thick as weed smoke and are begging you to light one up while you listen along. The biggest take away I would say is the vocals, which are all clean, but the melodies stand out and create some memorable moments on the album. The riffs are simple, yet super catchy, and I think that's definitely an asset when playing this kind of music. If it's got a groove that can keep you planted while you're high off your gourd, then it's done its job. Highly Recommended for your next opportunity to bake out. Cheers! -Samir

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