Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Electric Funeral - Death, Cult & Serpent (2018)

When you name your band Electric Funeral, people are going to make assumptions about your music, but don't write this one off too quickly, because it goes far beyond prototypical Sabbath worship! Interspersing chanting, bells, organs, and other sounds borrowed from a satanic monastery with savage doom-ified stoner metal these Malaysian monsters are making the world a little more wicked with their debut album "Death, Cult & Serpent". Indulgent sound clips build up an evil atmosphere while the band comes crashing in with potent groove-heavy metal. It's definitely got more punch and aggressive attitude than you'd get out of a Black Sabbath clone. The vocals on this album are satisfyingly coarse and will burn through you like drinking a shot of corrosive acid. When you hear those shouts tearing through the air on the more driven tracks you can almost pick up on some faint hardcore influences - not enough to change the course of the songs, just enough to give the album a unique flavor. The last track "(The Offering) Conqueror Worm" is a killer 18 minute ride that starts with static and feedback then blossoms into a Pink Floyd inspired jam before switching to the band's striking stoner/doom and ending with both styles melded into one head-spinning haze. The mix of influences on this album is MUCH broader than the band's name suggests so don't hesitate to turn up the volume and let all the fiendish forces flow forth! -Brandon

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