Thursday, May 17, 2018

Sixes - Methistopheles (2018)

Sixes return in 2018 with the slow and tortured evil sludge opus "Methistopheles". Clocking in at just over an hour with only 6 tracks, you better buckle in for this hell ride. However, long doesn't always equate to boring, and in this case with this release, it's a slow burn that is definitely rewarding and engaging all the way to the end. Now, if you're going to put something out that's an hour long, you gotta bring the riffs, and Sixes does just that. The riffs are nasty, filthy, and above all heavy as fuck. These detuned sludge grooves are addictive and depraved. Almost like they've been hiding in darkness with a blackened primordial slime, and they decided to climb out through the miasma, and dim the sunlight for the rest of the world. It's so fucking raw, and agonizing and it's great!
There's definitely some range on the musicality on this album, which is to be expected for something this long. The strings pretty much remain the same throughout, which is fine, because they sound disgusting and relentless like they should. However when the drums go into full Black Metal blast during the albums title track, you know you're not just getting your typical Sludge Doom release. While this concept is nothing new for Sludge Doom, it's cool that this band has at least decided to integrate this style, and venture out of the norm. The vocals jump from hateful sludge screams, to blackened shrieks, to death growls, and then to even straight up singing, and it adds some layers and thickness to this release, again making it not seem so straight forward or typical. Overall I really dug this, and it's definitely a contender for best of for the year. Cheers!- Samir

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