Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Electric Huldra - Roadburner (2018)

With engines roaring loud and heavy load in tow Electric Huldra is rolling in from out of the wastelands to deliver some fuzzed up hard rock with their debut release "Roadburner". The trio doesn't bother with a bass and instead doubles down on guitar to groan out the rumbling low end and solid rhythm that keeps these tracks running. "Roadburner" is going to hit you with riffs that were blessed and bleached by the sun out on the arid plains and then hauled across a few hundred miles of neglected highway just for fun. Most of songs tunes have some desert rock Kyuss-inspired touches (even in the vocals), but it flares up in full force on the title track which closes the album with hot winds, an almost tribal beat, and slow simmering grooves that build on themselves. However, that long desert trek only comes after more straightforward hybrid tunes like the mid-paced "Never Forgave" crashing in with its powerful rhythm and "Doubt In Me" which combines a danceable rock beat with catchy vocals and some wicked lead guitar licks. I don't know what it is about this album, but it really captures the feel of long drives alone through the Midwest - the world just fuzzes over and all you've got is the sound of the road and whatever tunes you're cranking. Definitely take this one out for a spin! -Brandon

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