Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Angus Black - S/T (2017)

Fuzzed up and stalking the streets of Finland is Angus Black - a trio of devilish rogues playing stoner doom with psychedelic and occult touches. Earlier this year they introduced themselves to the world with their first release, a live EP titled "Live from the cellar". Now they've committed their tunes to a full-length self-titled studio album and it's ready to cast a shadow on your mind and fill your head with gloom. Angus Black have a definite Uncle Acid feel - the vocals, guitar tone, and general occult vibe all contribute to that - but instead of delving into 70s rock influences the band has doubled down on the stoner doom sound. It's got a long streak of melancholy running through it but the songs are still played with a kind of upbeat swagger so it creates a heavy, downtrodden rock 'n' roll that still feels driven. But for me, the track that stands out the most here is one of the slowest and most dejected: "I'm Yours". It's a 12 minute tale of lament and submission that manages to express this detached passion like a lost soul was flayed and laid bare before your eyes. Angus Black has the good stuff so make sure you're listening! -Brandon

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