Thursday, December 7, 2017

Wiccans - Bad Habit (2017)

Holy FUCK do I love this. With a pentagram etched into the dirt Wiccans rise out of the city of Detroit with their new album "Bad Habit" - 8 tracks of earthy, occult stoner doom that will ensnare your soul and put you under a powerful spell. The guys and gals in Wiccans have definitely captured some kind of magic and whether it's a "bad habit" or not, it's all I want to hear right now. At its base Bat Habit has got some highly addictive stoner doom riffs that get stuck in your head almost immediately and a matching rhythm that practically forces you to move to its dreary dirge. But then it's loaded up with all kinds of extra instrumentation like chimes, hand drums, and tons of flute to give the album a natural feel. The band is fronted by dual female vocalists who sing simultaneously with tales magic, witches, demons, and ancient ceremonies in a way that evokes a sense of ritual. The first track "Street Weed" starts with a didgeridoo before the dual lead vocals start to chant "O god with the horns come back!" to the beat of a drum and tambourine. Then it all falls into this trippy stoner doom riff that feels wicked and warm all at once with more chanted lyrics that run across the song before closing on wild effects and a flute solo. I'm already in love and that was just the opening! The riffs and pagan vocals just continue from there drawing you deeper all the time. There's a ton of occult stoner sounds filling these tracks, but you'll get glimpses into other worlds as well with some eastern-inspired hippie twang on "Magic Red Drops" and AC/DC-esque rock on "Lone Witch". As a bonus, you'll also be treated to a few "Little Gnome Facts" that have been scattered throughout the album, where a weird computer will teach you all the things you didn't know that you wanted to learn about gnomes! Not only is the music amazing, but this shit is educational too! Bad Habit is flat out awesome. It gives me a similar vibe to Blood Ceremony's self-titled release, with the riffs, female vocals, flute, the occult themes, and the way the music just grips me and won't let go. I can't recommend this one enough, so do yourself a favor and listen to it already! -Brandon

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