Thursday, December 28, 2017

Matalobos - Until Time has Lost All Meaning (2017)

Under the cover of darkness Matalobos descends upon the world to bring a touch of misery into people's hearts. "Until Time has Lost All Meaning" is their latest release and it feels like a ghost coming in the night. It casts a cold shadow over your soul with melodic death/doom that balances somber, serene themes with the harsh and heavy. The first track "Of Ghosts And Yearning" starts with a gorgeous acoustic guitar passage before the band plunges into heart-wrenching sorrow played nice and slow. The vocalist roars with deep, bitter shouts and it feels like you're being ripped from reality and sucked into the black vacuum of the void, as though his voice is a tunnel straight to the abyss. But even through the grim, abrasive cries the band maintains strong melancholic melodies to create an anguished kind of harmony. The next song "In Flesh Engraved" sees more death-inspired mayhem at the outset but as the song progresses it becomes more refined and woeful. There's less fear of falling into the void here and more fear of falling into the dark thoughts in your own mind. "La Luz Del Día Muere" (translated to The Light of the Day Dies) is the final piece, a quiet instrumental that accurately captures some of the painful notes of the day's end with jazzy/bluesy inflections - not what you'd expect with death/doom, but it works. The three tracks here make for an awesome EP that's just dripping with agony. In terms of style, I wouldn't put it in the same bucket as Paradise Lost/My Dying Bride gothic stuff, but I would bet this is going to appeal to the same crowd. Definitely a cool sound so let the beauty and sorrow engulf you! -Brandon

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