Tuesday, December 26, 2017

The Atomic Bitchwax - Force Field (2017)

If you don't know The Atomic Bitchwax at this point, you've got about 25 years of stoner rock history to catch up on. They've just released their seventh studio album "Force Field" and it's a good example of why you shouldn't make your 'Best Albums of the Year' lists in November! It kicks off at full-throttle and it's got enough fuel to run like a madman all the way to the end - FUCK slowing down! Force Field is non-stop, high-energy rock 'n' roll strapped to a rocket ripping through the sky at a speed that will make the skin will peel off your face. The songs are short - most are under three minutes - and they usually whip by so fast that you don't get a chance to appreciate the subtle spacey vibes that they've got. But when you do manage to get a taste the flavor explodes in your mouth and will have your eyes bugging out as you come to a more conscious understanding of why you're digging this so much. Then when they throw in a touch of organ right at the end and you get a little glimpse of Deep Purple all groovy and fast, I'm down for the count. Catchy, fun, fast-paced stoner rock - when you're looking for a good time, what more could you ask for? If you need something to put some fire in your belly and drive you screaming through the night, this is it! -Brandon

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