Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Void Tripper - Volume I EP (2017)

Over the last few years it seems like some of my favorite new underground metal acts have come from South America - Mephistofeles (Argentina), The Evil (Brazil), Nightpröwler (Ecuador), and others come to mind. Now comes Void Tripper out of Brazil, a stoner/doom mud bomb bursting with their first demo/EP "Volume I". There's no question that this is Sabbath worship in the first degree but goddamn if they aren't nailing it! There's plenty of meat on the bone here with a nice chunky sound and some big ass bass rumbling with an infectious groove that'll get heads bobbing and bodies swaying. It has some psychedelic leanings as the guitar goes wild with wah and the tracks inspire images of a slow spiral through the cosmos. But scattered throughout are touches of sludge (especially in the vocal style) that creep in to beef up the tunes, introducing a little rage and spicy flavor into the traditional Sabbath-inspired mix. Yeah, there's a lot of bands riding the Black Sabbath train lately, but these guys really pull it off - here's hoping for more! -Brandon

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