Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Krvshr - Night Terrors (2018)

Great news! If you've been sleeping too soundly at night, Krvshr is here to grab you by the throat and make you shit yourself with their new album "Night Terrors"! This is some brutal sludge that was raised on a steady diet of hardcore and brushed with a light layer of doom. It's the band's first full length and they really worked hard to make sure you feel this deep in your bones. When the guitar and drums hit in unison, it feels like a machete hacking away and opening up fresh wounds with its sharp and rusty guitar tone and murderous rhythmic force. It's filled with rancorous rage, pissed off guitar strains, and squealing feedback, but its hardcore/punky nature still gives it some catchy bits. The first track "Wax Wings" is a great example, but I especially love the third track "Sailors Grave" and the vocals on the chorus. The last track "Walking Hell" is longer than the rest and a little more brooding, but features the same wretched ire. The whole album has an addictively abrasive power - it hits you like a brick, then someone drags that brick across your skin. Okay, yeah, it doesn't sound 'addictive' when I spell it out like that, but trust me, you'll keep coming back the sound. You might hear one song, think it's good, and walk away, but before too long you'll be wandering back, hungry for the Krvshr's painful bite. -Brandon

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