Friday, February 2, 2018

thallMOTH - ANVRF (2018)

thallMOTH is the shit! Super fuzzed out Instrumental Stonerdoom, that's slow and droney. Pretty much the antithesis of my last couple of reviews, but I don't give a fuck. It's simple, it's heavy, and the sound is super fucking thick. What is Instrumental anyway other than songs without lyrics? That's how you write a song right? Well, it's not always that simple, and I think these dudes make it work. For what it's lacking in vocals and lyrical content, they make up with ambient noises, and guitar melodies that keep things interesting without it just being too repetitious and stale.
The low end rumble on this is fucking amazing. It's a sound that I can imagine being played at an insane volume, and letting the music resonate through your flesh and bones, while you pack the next bong. "ANVRF" is definitely the kinda stoner shit that needs to be blasted. Fuck your neighbors! If they don't like it, tell them they need better taste in music! The intertwining detuned bass and guitar fuzz work as one to cast its stoner spell on the listener, keeping you locked into a trance that will leave you wanting to see this journey to its completion.
There is one song however that does have vocals, and it's the last track titled "Message from ANVRF (Black Sabbath Tribute)" and at first I was shocked to hear this. Are they really covering "War Pigs"? How could they even top Faith No More's version? Well, even though I didn't see this coming, I will say that the band doesn't play the song as a straight cover, and they definitely make it their own. At times they completely ignore the original rhythms, opting for something that seems more natural to their stream of musical flow, however you can still tell it's "War Pigs". When the vocals come in, the singer doesn't even bother emulating Ozzy, as they come up with a haunting new melody that seems even more ominous and sinister than the original. It also kills me at the same time, because now I'm a little torn! Come on guys, do an album with vocals! Not necessarily these songs, but give us something in the future! I really dug the vocals! Yeah so overall, this was very enjoyable, and I hope to hear more from thallMOTH in the future. Cheers! -Samir

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