Friday, February 23, 2018

Pressor - Weird Things EP (2018)

Pressor plays burly sounding synth driven Stoner/Sludge/Doom, with the riffs that move like lava, and a ferociousness of a bear with a face full of bees. These Russian heavyweights are big on stoner grove riffage, and make great use of it throughout the 4 tracks for "Weird Things". There's nothing too distinctly weird about this album, outside all of the added space sounds by the synth. No, I think the weird is in reference to weird fiction and the authors that write such literature. This seems like it would pair well with Lovecraft, Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, or even Philip K. Dick. Although I can't imagine reading and having this cranked at the same time. Which has me thinking, has anyone ever tried to play an audio book via audible and played it to music? I think that would be fucking sick to listen to this while also listen to someone reading Conan or even some pulpy Sci-Fi Adventure.
I digress, but really the album has the might and heaviness of Conan's sword, the darkness and foreboding doom of Cthulhu, and the alien extraterrestrial sounds of deep space travel. The fuzz from the guitar and bass merge as one to form a plume of volcanic smoke, with the texture of the ash raining down. The drummer always seems to find that doom pocket, regardless of tempo or mood changes, and pounds the shit out of each rhythm to make it that much heavier, to create an even bigger impact. I really dug the ghost trail vocals especially since they were done in a sing/scream style, making it less psychedelic, and more aggressive with that extra bit of gruff. Overall I really liked this EP. Pressor is slightly different and surrounding itself with interesting soundscapes while mercilessly crushing it at the same time. Well done! Cheers!- Samir

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