Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tentacle Wizard - Bringer of False Light (2018)

Tentacle Wizard is a band out of Serbia that wants to take you on a nice, meandering stroll through a world of devastation and ruin. Their debut release "Bringer of False Light" takes slow stoner-doom with psychedelic and post-metal touches and plays it with a mellow tone over the course of three long-ass songs. How do they achieve such a sound? Well it can be attributed in part to their use of two bass guitars, which makes the air feel dense, as though you have to wade through the music. But beyond that you can give credit to the songs themselves, which are as exploratory as they are heavy. Guitar leads wander all over the place, trying to dig their roots anywhere they can. The final song in particular kicks around in the darkness angry and aimless for the first six minutes before diving into an absolutely serene sense of psychedelic peace. Don't get me wrong, even though this has a smooth disposition, it's still got its rough patches and a strong arm. The vocals are hoarse declarations shouted into the cosmic void, and while the tone might put you at ease, there are enough crushing riffs to put you right back on edge. It all just depends which tentacle the wizard summoned out of the abyss - sometimes it's going to gently guide you through the wasteland, other times it's going to slither all around you, bind you up, and squeeze. In any case, it's definitely worth letting tripping out on for a while. -Brandon

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