Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mad God- Tales of a Sightless City (2017)

Gloomy riffage coupled with something a little more... Inhuman - that's what Mad God is bringing to the table. They're a stoner/doom trio based out of South Africa who have been divinely inspired by the Great Old Ones to create some fiendish tunes. Their first full-length album "Tales of a Sightless City" melds Lovecraft-influenced themes with a slow, doom-driven woe in a way that will fill your head with otherworldly visions of dreary horror. You'll get a solid dose of booming riffs on this release, but the band also seems to know when a quieter mood is more appropriate to carry the listener to an explosive finish. Some of these tracks have a long draw, but even in the more subdued moments, there's something sinister developing underneath the surface. All at once the tentacles will come out and start seizing your mind during a trippy solo or a fast stoner groove - and in your ruin you'll be enthralled! I really dig the lyrics here - every song is a dark fantasy with demons, magic, ancient curses, and more. There's a lot to love on this album, so get ready to worship the Old Gods... Or at least be destroyed by them! -Brandon