Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Witch Throne- The Crystal Man (2017)

If you haven't heard of Witch Throne before, I've got great news: you've heard of Witch Throne now! The band formed in 2015, put out an EP titled "Follow the Witch", then went on hiatus shortly afterwards. But Witch Throne is back, now as a one-man project, and there's a monstrous new full-length to show for it! "The Crystal Man" is a concept album about the titular Crystal Man who is burdened by a great sorrow. He turns to a new drug called Celadon Sunshine in hopes that it will set him free... But stories like that never end well, do they? The sound is heavily influenced by doom greats - the first track gives off a strong Uncle Acid vibe and as the album rolls on you'll hear plenty of Sabbath worship too. With those two driving forces behind it, you can probably imagine that it's got its own type of dark swagger that keeps things moving. Structurally, the tunes seem to match the drug addict themes by switching between upbeat stoner highs and miserable, doomy lows. This makes for a killer roller coaster of sound that stoner/doom fans are definitely going to want to get on. Let this one take you for a ride, but be warned that you'll probably get hooked - I've been listening to it over and over and I'm still not done with it! -Brandon

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  1. very very good under the spell but is a a perfect copy of i am a beyonder by naxatras :) anyway i love both