Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fvneral Fvkk - The Lecherous Liturgies (2017)

GodDAMN. "The Lecherous Liturgies", the first EP from German doom masters Fvneral Fvkk, may only be two tracks long (three if you count the bonus track), but that's all the band needs to absolutely crush you under the weight of their monolithic sound. On first listen, you'll be hammered by a beautiful, dark, melodic flavor of doom metal that is soaked in sorrow and dripping with despair. The clean vocals especially add a dimension of seductive melancholy that can hit you deep. There are definitely plenty of epic, swelling moments here that will light fire in your soul and leave you feeling singed by the grim passion it inspires. Once you're good and wrecked by the power of the music you can start to delve a bit deeper into the lyrics - and if you hadn't noticed yet, you'll now realize that the songs are all grandiose tales of sacrilegious perversion. It's easy to miss if you didn't see that the first track was titled "Erection In The House Of God". The way the band pulls off this depraved motif with such subtlety in the music is amazing in itself - but the fact that the tunes are so great on top of that really makes this release stand out. I really love the few songs that are on here and I can't wait for the band to put out more! -Brandon

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