Monday, July 31, 2017

Satan's Dealer- Dealer of The Gods (2017)

Satan's Dealer is a duo out of Milwaukee, WI that must be pretty busy. With their first album, "Witch Fucker" they established that when they're not supplying the lord of darkness with the fuel he needs, they're kicking out some wicked jams. Now with their second album, "Dealer of the Gods", they've expanded their business to an entire pantheon and they've got a whole new set of songs to shake both heaven and hell. The band plays dirty, sludge/stoner metal that's been overloaded with thrash metal attitude. There's no shortage of riffage here, but it's driven and keeps a relatively quick pace. Drums and guitar both rely on each other to keep things moving along aggressively. If you need something to bang your head to, the band is happy to give you some neck strain! Thematically, this one isn't content to wallow in darkness - instead, it's got a scummy sense of humor with song titles like "Jesus Loves You... Everyone Else Thinks You're an Asshole!" that keep things feeling upbeat and fun. Overall "Dealer of the Gods" is bunch of good tunes for good times - so long as you're a little bit twisted. Dig in! -Brandon

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