Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dwoom - Pale Mare Demo MMXVII (2017)

Like the sudden clap of thunder in the night, Dwoom explodes in your ears with their debut, "Pale Mare Demo MMXVII". The band plays epic doom with driven by powerful, gloomy vocals, wicked organ blasts, and a colossal guitar sound. All the pieces come together to create something absolutely gargantuan that is ready to devastate those without the will or fortitude to endure its dark pleasures. These guys definitely know the importance of dynamics - they use clean guitar passages as a sort of eerie, calm-before-the-storm warning that makes the ensuing riffs so much more crushing. Combining those quieter moments with the whistle of the organ conjures images of a grand cathedral, and if you aren't prepared to worship at this altar, you will drown in a sea of sinister melodies and booming guitars. Even with the volume down low, it seems to get incredibly loud, almost as if your speakers can't hold back the dominion of the music. The fact that this is a demo is a little scary. If the massive sound they showcase here is only a demonstration, I'm afraid they may ruin me with their full force... But if that's how I die, so be it! Bring on the doom, Dwoom! -Brandon

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