Friday, July 7, 2017

Black Noia- S/T Demo (2017)

You gotta love the artwork for this one. It pretty much tells you what you need to know. These dudes play Stoner Rock that's like fat/fuzzy/slightly sludgy and sounds like Kyuss/Fu Manchu/Truckfighters played by a pack of Yeti. However, there's more of a sinister Sabbath stoner vibe going on here rather than Desert Rock worship. These dudes are most likely the type of band who would cover "Sweet Leaf" over "Green Machine". These dudes deliver on beefy gnarly sounding riffs. It's probably because there are no guitars on this album, just two bass players, which makes me like these dudes even more. The vocals on this demo are sung, but they just kinda dip in and out which is cool by me, who the fuck needs vocals anyway when you've got a good stoner groove you're trying to bob your head to. I've kinda gone on about the distorted bass sound from these guys but it's totally killer and is deserving of your time. Plus all the psych wah parts that are going on throughout add that extra layer of noise that breaks the monotony and repetitiveness of two basses playing the same thing. The drums on this are fucking on point as well. Just straight savage barbarian poundage going on here.  Overall, check this shit out for real. It's dank as fuck! Super fucking dank in fact! Cheers! -Samir

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