Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mortiferum- Altar of Decay (2017)

Here's a nice meaty festering maggot infested slab of death/doom for you. Mortiferum play low and slow, and sound nasty and rotten as fuck. There's definitely some old school rumblings going on here. Pointing the finger at Autopsy would be too easy and kinda lazy on my part. So I'll break it down like this. Take all of the grossest and putrid heavy old school death riffs you can think of, and only play them either slow or at a slow to mid-pace. That's Mortiferum. There's definitely some blasts here and there and the double kick is pretty relentless throughout, but the slow riffs definitely give you time to digest the putrescent cacophony of morbid delights. These dudes are from Olympia WA, as well, which surprises me because it definitely doesn't sound like it belongs to the type of Doom that's coming out of that area. I would've guessed this came from Europe or South America. Either way, these dudes represent everything I love about death metal and mix it with the slow maniacal pacing of Doom Metal. Enjoy the intoxicating miasma of grave rot fuming from these dudes! Cheers! -Samir

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