Monday, July 24, 2017

Weird Tales- S/T EP (2017)

Slinking out of a graveyard in Warsaw, looking both weary and satisfied, comes Weird Tales. Their recently released self-titled EP takes the band's macabre flavor and condenses it into three tracks of slow, foreboding doom. Weird Tales definitely builds a gloomy atmosphere, but at the same time the songs are all played with a certain saunter that allows the music to come face-to-face with melancholy but remain detached from the sense of devastation that it normally brings. It's the sound of being beaten down by despair again and again to the point of no longer caring - instead you live side-by-side with that misery, and make your home in the dread. As that casual anguish rumbles beneath each song, it eventually fosters some eerie, psyched out moments featuring trippy guitar work and spacey effects. These passages are dreary payoff for the quiet distress that runs through the music, as if the fears hiding in the back of your mind have been realized. All of this can really make the EP a trip, so if you can bear the weight of this doom it's totally worth it. -Brandon

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