Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Kabbalah - Spectral Ascent (2017)

A black sun must hang in the sky over Pamplona, Spain in order for Kabbalah to generate such gloriously dark tunes. "Spectral Ascent" is their latest release and it is an awe-inspiring force of doom-drenched rock. The whole album is driven with a sinister swagger and revels in the occult - there's so much wicked flavor here, it may overwhelm your every sense. Riffs are all played with a magnificently bewitching groove that will immediately grab hold of you and pull you along on a shadowy journey. Every moment and every song flows exquisitely into the next creating a cohesive masterpiece. Vocals are layered to produce incredible, haunting harmonies that will mesmerize you and when you combine these with the psychedelic pieces that creep in, the result will leave you reeling in the darkness. But one of the best parts about this album is that with all the wretchedness that the music brings, it still manages to feel upbeat without succumbing to its own overarching sense of sorrow. If you had to make a comparison, Uncle Acid might be your best bet - not because the bands sound identical - but because they have a similar sense of the occult with an infectious groove. If you're not already on this, you're wasting your time - this album a must-listen! -Brandon

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