Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wax Brain- S/T (2017)

With a grimy blast out of Morgantown, West Virginia comes Wax Brain, here to kick some gnarly stoner jams down your throat with their self-titled debut release. Make sure you buckle in now, because this one isn't content to sit in one place! The first two tracks are nestled somewhere between stoner metal and punk rock - there's an awesome, aggressive energy with catchy vocals. It's the sort of sound that's going to knock you to the ground if you don't get your fist pumping and start shouting along. Then the third track comes in and you begin to see a transition. This one's an instrumental that starts off with the same sort of frenzied spirit but then develops a much more prog-influenced sound, swapping the untamed energy from earlier for a heavy groove that snakes around in all kinds of directions. That stoner-prog instrumental idea is continued onto the last two tracks and is pushed even further as the pacing slows down so you can let the riffage linger in your ears and leak into your mind. But whether the band is playing something fast and hard or slow and exploratory, be warned that the lead guitar has no mercy on this release and a wild solo can burst out at anytime and bring you to your knees. I really dig both styles they go through here, as well as the ever-present sticky stoner sound, so this one is definitely recommended! -Brandon

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