Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Morbid Evils- Deceases (2017)

Morbid Evils is the Sludgy Death/Doom side project of Keijo Niinimaa (Rotten Sound). As far as comparing sounds Morbid Evil retains that fat detuned low end of Rotten Sound, as well as Niinimaa's gravelly and abrasive vocals, but that's where comparisons stop, as Rotten Sound is Grindcore and speed and blast beats are their thing. This shit is nothing but slow, murky, gurgling, putrid sludge. There's a stink in the air for sure. A miasma of death and decomposition. A reek and stench of oppressive foulness. Maybe it's the cancerous looking, deformed creature featured on the cover art, meandering and dying like a beastly abomination. Maybe it's the thick sick distorted atonal tones from the strings in Morbid Evils that emit a pungent vapor and aura that is repulsive yet captivating and satisfying. Niinimaa's vocals over these filthy sewage encrusted riffs is the perfect match. A grotesque pairing that makes for a great release. The music flows and slops like rotten discharge. It moves like the excrement the riffs suggest. I know I just wrote that Owlcrusher is definitely going to be an end of the year lister, but this one is definitely going to be on there as well. It's hard to top this one. The riffs are sick as fuck, and this is some top shelf Sludge right here. Plus it's super fucking heavy! It doesn't get much better than this. "Deceases" is a killer album, figuratively and maybe literally. This shit is highly addictive! I highly recommend it! -Samir

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