Thursday, November 9, 2017

71TONMAN - Earthwreck (2017)

Listening to 71TONMAN is like getting hit with a 71 ton sledge hammer, or even being toppled and then buried with 71 tons of brick. These guys are fucking heavy, and their brand of primal concrete sludge does not disappoint. The riffs are devastatingly memorable and come swinging in like a wrecking ball, leaving destruction and ruin in its path. There is a thick layer of filth these tunes are slathered in as well. Everything from the strings to the sickening vocals are strewn with impure grime and nastiness. Each song is a like a rotten blackened dirge, oozing forth a scummy muck of sludge metal viciousness. Just like the band's bandcamp describes them, they are definitely "fat, low, and slow". I'm sold. Of course there are other adjectives to describe them. Bleak is definitely a word that comes to mind. Their album art and song titles paint a picture of a world drained of its color, and that's what you get here as well. It's cold and harsh, but this is where a lot of the good Sludge Doom comes from. A place that is grief stricken with zero hope for humanity. Like I said, I'm sold and I think you'll be too. Cheers! -Samir

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