Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I, Forlorn - My Kingdom Eclipsed (2017)

Out of the Netherlands comes a one-man project that touches at the heart of despair - I, Forlorn. The debut album "My Kingdom Eclipsed" growls with a miserable kind of death/doom buried beneath layers of delicate keys, strings, and acoustic guitar - taking agony and painting over it with something majestic. Its foundations are built on an extreme and melancholic kind of doom but the more symphonic elements have taken root, growing both deep and wide, becoming entangled and transforming into an integral part of the sound. This stuff isn't just used for intros - it's intertwined everywhere, helping to reinforce the somber atmosphere and define sorrowful melodies alongside the guitar leads. These pieces are beautiful but that doesn't mean this album is gentle by any means. The vocals howl with a wretched rasp imbued with the flavor of hell and you'll hear black metal influence scattered throughout that keeps things coarse. The resulting balance is incredible with a near-perfect fusion of each style. In spite of the music's hopeless nature and lyrics that mostly deal with depression and loss, it swells to an almost epic tone at points and I get swept up in its dark glory repeatedly. This album is definitely worthy of your time so give it a listen! -Brandon

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