Thursday, November 2, 2017

Clouds Taste Satanic - The Glitter of Infinite Hell (2017)

Brooklyn-based instrumental doom quartet Clouds Taste Satanic are here to drag us into the abyss with their fourth studio album, "The Glitter of Infinite Hell". This one is comprised of four tracks that are as colossal as they are sinful, each clocking in at about 18 minutes a piece! With length like that, it's definitely a slow burn (perhaps eternal?), but these aren't the types of songs that linger in one spot, droning on, trying to stretch out a single idea for as long as possible. Each one is a tour of the profane, slithering through the underworld and groaning with the strains of the damned. The first track "Greed" conjures visions of crossing the river Styx, opening the gates of hell, and being exposed to some of the initial horrors. Then "Treachery" creeps in quietly before bursting with a churning and crunching, like demons whipping at hordes of souls bound in chains as they turn a great wheel. With each passing song more THC seems to seep in and you'll hear more stoner influence atop the cruel snarl of evil. The third track "Violence" is where this starts to become apparent with streaks of groove and warm, smoky jams mixed in amid the torment. "Wrath" continues the trend and closes the album - the denizens of hell are probably well baked at this point (in more than one way) and all hope is lost in a pleasantly dark haze. This is an awesome trip through the pit so check it out! -Brandon

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