Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sons of Geezora - S/T EP (2017)

Straight out of the underground to knock over some skyscrapers - Sons of Geezora are a group of guys in Québec combining their love for Black Sabbath and Japanese monsters into one glorious union of lo-fi psychedelic stoner-doom. They've unleashed their debut self-titled EP on an unsuspecting public, and now it's absent-mindedly toppling buildings all over town. With songs played through a haze of smoke and debris, it doesn't feel like an immediate, driven, malicious kind of danger - just like everything will be wrecked as a consequence of the fuzzed out jams roaming around. This one has a sort of red-eyed, listless groove as it lumbers through the city center, but it occasionally musters up a burst of energy for destruction on tracks like "King of the Sky" and "Sons of Geezora/Tokyo". The songs are loaded up with murky stoner riffs swinging through the fog, but when the guitar solos break out they're nice and bluesy just the way the forefathers intended. I really love the stripped-down, lo-fi tone this EP has going - it doesn't need any fancy production values, the music speaks for itself! Make sure you pay attention to this one before it brings a building down over your head! -Brandon

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