Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ember - 271 EP (2017)

Ember from Birmingham, Alabama are back to set your mind adrift with their second EP, "271". Featuring three tracks of slow, ethereal doom, the new release makes you feel as though you're floating through a gloomy dreamscape. While the band's first EP had a sludgy crunch to it, the songs here are much smoother, featuring some serene shoegazing twang that will send you into a swirling ether. This sound bleeds into a churning, dynamic doom that shifts seamlessly between a quiet simmer and a thick lumbering creep, carefully morphing from one state to another. Don't let the dreamy tones deceive you - the music has a hefty undercurrent ready to drag you down anytime it slips into a heavy rhythm. At the center of all of this are the hypnotic female vocals that run through each track like a spectral river. They come in gentle and airy, soothing your soul, but then surge with a consummate power. The resulting music is a unique and masterfully executed. When you hear this album, it's as though you're drifting among black clouds, tranquil until the winds swell and the skies groan. -Brandon

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