Thursday, November 16, 2017

L.o.W - Bones EP (2017)

Hailing from Szczecin, Poland, L.o.W (I have no fucking idea what it means), play filthy sounding Sludge Doom with a slight stoner vibe for the reefer fiends out there. Their sound is indeed low, as well as thick, fat and nasty. Sickening grooves and sinister riffs make "Bones" worth checking out. This is the type of sludge that's thick like molasses and fuzzy like a grizzly. The bass sound on this fucking rules. It has the right amount of distortion to where it just blends in with the fuzz of the guitar, but you can still feel its presence and you know it's there. The vocals go between your typical harsh screamed vocals commonly heard in Sludge, and Death Metal growls which gives the songs their monstrous if not demonic presence. This isn't heavy in a sort of chugging way, but the riffs move like tides of rot and refuse, as it swallows you whole, collapsing your body, and becoming one with the dirt, slime, muck, and of course sludge. That's the kind of heavy this is. It shifts in waves, and its grooves are quite infectious. Anyway, go check out "Bones". Minus the intro it's really only three songs, but this EP rules, and I'm anticipating more from these dudes. Cheers! -Samir

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