Friday, July 13, 2018

Bongripper - Terminal (2018)

So here's another release people have been waiting 4 years for, except this is a band many readers are very familiar with. So here it is! The lords of Instrumental Doom have returned to inform us the diagnosis is now "Terminal". Two long as fuck tracks "Slow" + "Death" which deliver on the riffs, especially since after the wait. In a year that saw the return of both Sleep, Dopethrone, and Yob, Bongripper had some great albums that preceded "Terminal's" release, however this one definitely does not disappoint. My favorite part of any Bongripper song is when they go for that ultra detuned low end, and both songs have those moments. However that's not all this album has to offer. To me "Terminal" definitely sounded like it had a lot of Post Metal influences going on, and reminded me of early material from fellow Chicago Instrumental Sludge/Post Metallers Pelican.
The music itself lumbers like a Woolly Mammoth during the ice age, and carries the power of an avalanche taking that same Woolly Mammoth out. There's an apparent whiff of death in the air, obviously hinted at by the album/song titles/artwork, and it can also be heard in how the songs are constructed as well, like a circle of life except with riffs. Songs build themselves over time while gaining momentum and regenerating until they finally decay and whither into the ether. If you wanna learn how to write great Instrumental Doom songs, just listen to Bongripper, and this album is no exception. When playing, make sure you listen to this on full blast to experience the music vibrating against your bones. Mandatory listening for sure! Cheers! -Samir

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