Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Sons of Geezora - Blast (2018)

The earth trembles. An unnatural screech sounds in the distance. Could it be...? Yes, it is! Rising up out of the underbelly of Québec City with a follow up to last year's self-titled debut, Sons of Geezora are back knocking over anything in their path with "Blast"! But what is the source of their new power? Ultra-concentrated waves of radiation that warp heavy-psych, bluesy 70s hard rock, stoner-doom, and lo-fi garage rock into one mutated mix-up with enough might to take down a supersized extraterrestrial or two! Now loose on the streets Sons of Geezora are unleashing their freaky, scrambled rock 'n' roll powers on an unsuspecting public and goddamn is it glorious. The unpredictable nature of radioactivity has made their powers volatile so each track on this album gives you different concentrations of its source material. Space Amoeba features a heavy blues boogie with a couple of small stoner-doom nuggets in the middle, bookended by thoughtful guitar lines that bring balance, peace, and pensiveness while Osaka Blues is an eclectic instrumental that delves into some southern style and extensive guitar leads. My favorite track here has got to be Corrosive Sap with its doom rock beginnings that go careening into a tangle of power lines for an electrifying, high-energy finish! There are a few terrifying moments where you can feel a shadow overtake you as though the foot of the great lizard king looms overhead - but it always results in a near miss and you get to live another day. Blast is such a great name for this - not only are you bound to be subjected to bursts of raw kaiju energy but it's also going to be a damn good time! -Brandon

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