Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Shrooms Circle - Asylum (2018)

It has only been a few short months since the first recordings of the underground cult known as Shrooms Circle were distributed to the public. In that time their dark influence has spread rapidly, drawing scores of followers by seducing them with the sound of maniacal psychedelic doom metal offered up in devotion to the sinister forces that bleed through subtle cracks in the universe. They've quickly followed up their initial release with the full-length album "Asylum" which sees their wicked visions more fully realized and is poised to drag countless hallucinating souls into oblivion. Songs on Asylum swirl madly with massive warbling guitars, moaning vocals that seem to drain you, spine-chilling organs, and dizzying phaser and feedback to create a kaledescope of cult worship while maintaining the crushing force of doom metal. It's as though Shrooms Circle were able to take all of the most evocative scenes of classic horror cinema, splice them together, soak it all in acid, and then turn it into sound. Like a knife retracing an etching in stone this album refines the depraved ritual as it first appeared on their EP. In addition to the three new hymns ("Witches Are There!", "Out From The Grave", and "A House Behind The Hills") the "Asylum" demo track is now finished and fleshed out and the group has affirmed the unholy nature of the songs "The Druggist", "Trapped", and "The Island" and cemented them as dogma. As the slow riffage comes crashing down amid the mesmerizing procession of devilish psychedelics you'll realize there is no escaping the all-consuming sound. From the moment its twisted essence had reached your ears you were doomed to be haunted by the demented delirium that Shrooms Circle brings. Each song is a bottomless pit into which you'll fall eternally, swallowed by the darkness body and soul. Asylum is a monument of depraved and distorted doom - a brilliantly deranged piece of art for all to lose themselves to. -Brandon

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