Thursday, July 12, 2018

Secret Cutter - Quantum Eraser (2018)

Ultra heavy Sludge Grinders Secret Cutter return with their much anticipated follow up to their Self Titled debut "Quantum Eraser". With a myriad of great Sludge riffs to showcase this time around (played either fast or slow), "Quantum Eraser" seems worth the 4 year wait. For those who are new to Secret Cutter, you need to hear this fucking band for sure. They have the super detuned string section, the extreme metal drumming, and the blood curdling vocals. These dudes are a Grindcore band at heart, but what do you call a band that isn't hitting those blasts every other riff? That's why Sludge/Grind defines their sound so well. They write Grindcore songs that often drips and oozes with a syrupy texture.
 These dudes have their own sound for sure. If I could pin point any bands I would compare them to, it's maybe like a cross between Triac and Ed Gein, but their style is so versatile I could imagine these dudes playing with a wide range of bands. If you are looking for Sludge is that is absolutely pulverizing and brutal as fuck, then you've come to the right band. Secret Cutter might collectively like Grief or Eyehategod, but that's not the kind of Sludge these dudes had in mind when they were making "Quantum Eraser". I think these dudes knocked this one out of the park. Great fucking sound, and an awesome blend of everything I love about Sludge and Grindcore. A marriage of devastation and infected wounds. A vicious dog bite that just won't heal. Highly recommended! Cheers! -Samir

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