Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Chill Child - Bong Colony (2018)

If I was president of the Band Naming Association and in charge of approving all band names then Chill Child would have to choose something different. When I first heard that name I guessed that the California three piece was playing some kind of poppy, semi-relaxing something-wave music. However, what Chill Child actually gives you is an out of control stoner punk party hopped up on rock and roll energy! Their new album "Bong Colony" starts off with the slowest, heaviest track (the title track) dwelling in mid-paced stoner metal that allows the smoke to spread, but after that the band decides to go on a "Beer Run" and gets your blood pumping by ripping through punk sound with a fuzzed-up reckless abandon. It barrels onwards from there with an onslaught of chords and riffs while the rhythm section injects some much welcome groove into the fast and hard hitting style as the vocalist belts out some delightfully nasty, gravelly shouts. It comes screeching through the sun with skater energy that makes it perfect for when you want to ride fast and cause some trouble. You really can't go wrong with any track on here, they're all quick and make you want to fuck shit up and have a good time - good luck not banging your head to this! So yeah, the name Chill Child may not be representative of the sound, but you better listen to Bong Colony anyway because this shit rips! -Brandon

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