Friday, October 20, 2017

Beerwolf - Planetfall (2017)

From beneath a veil of smoke emerges a killer three piece out of Tampa, Florida - Beerwolf. They're ready to shake the skies with their new album, "Planetfall", a massive stoner-doom meteor crashing in from out of the cosmos. Fans of the Sword are going to find a ton to love here - this release covers a lot of the same territory both musically and thematically. It comes down hard, bursting with an upbeat groove and soaring 70s style riffs, all carefully crafted and brought together under a psychedelic influence with a heavy metal finesse. It seems to lean on more stoner elements than doom, but when some of the dark, rumbling low tones finally come in, it creates a gloriously full sound that feels like an awakening in your soul. The lyrics are fantasy-fueled blasts that sound like they're straight out of a Frank Frazetta painting - some may call it cheesy, but it's exactly the kind of shit I love. But if that bothers you don't worry because the album is also peppered with instrumental tracks and they feature some savage guitar solos screaming with classic style - I especially recommend the fourth track, "Haze Arcane". Once the music starts it's hard to turn it off as you get swept up in a thundering swagger that just exudes energy. This album is just flat out awesome, so turn it on and turn it up! -Brandon

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