Friday, October 13, 2017

Eternal Black - Bleed the Days (2017)

Working their way through the tombs of Brooklyn, New York is Eternal Black. They come covered in sweat and grave dirt bearing their first full-length studio album, "Bleed the Days". These guys drink deep from the well of Wino and it shows - this is doom played heavy and low, drawing inspiration from the Obsessed, Saint Vitus, and all of their ilk. It's stretched out with fuzz and grit, pulsing with devilish rhythms and the murky trappings of the night. Guitar, bass, and drums come together to make this thick, groovy thunder that you can feel reverberating through your body. As the instruments gnaw at you the vocals bellow out with a deep grumble and I can't get the image of an insidious werewolf out of my head. The album manages to be gloomy without being joyless using this upbeat serpent's swagger that keeps it bumping from side to side as it writhes through the graveyard, twisting around headstones and monuments. The music comes together with this sort of pride in its grim nature, as it smirks and revels in the darkness. This is true doom through and through so let it take you to the inevitable end! -Brandon

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