Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Bone Folder - The Death Collective Volume 1 (2017)

This week my reviews are going to focus on bands that are both from my local area and have already been featured on the blog. Both bands are also not Doom related, as you have probably noticed over the last couple of months we have changed are our format to just be Doom Reviews while still posting other stuff on Facebook. So these two were obviously featured before that change, but I'll review good local shit no matter what it is, and Bone Folder's new full length is no exception.
The Toledo Apocalyptic Death Riders Bone Folder are back with the "The Death Collective Volume One". These Death Punkers rip through 11 tracks of blistering d-beat/metal punk worship, that will sweep you up in its tornado of mosh inducing anthems, and then throw you back down into the gutter lying beaten and bruised. It's got a fast and furious old school feel to it with lots of elements of 80s thrash and crossover thrown in the mix as well.
The most notable thing to point out on this release is all the guitar work. It's got everything from the ripping leads to the duel harmonies. The guitar players forge together to craft some tasty dbeat riffs, that seem to have a pinch of "Kill Em' All" added in there as well. Speaking of which the solos on this definitely seem Hammet-esque making good use of the wah wah during all the intricate solo work. The vocals on this album are super pissed. No clean singing at all, just straight up raw yelling and screaming.
"The Death Collective Volume One" is the soundtrack Fury Road didn't know it needed to have. It's full speed ahead with a few pit stops in the thrash zone for those extra breaks. It's the kind of pissed off music to listen to while riding into the sun set of post-apocalyptic blood red skies. It's a sand storm that captures the feelings and emotions of hopeless future, set to ruins. These dudes definitely have the matches to ignite the flames, and the gasoline to keep it going until it reaches every inch of this scorched earth,  Cheers! -Samir

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