Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Seer - Vol. 5 EP (2017)

Seer play filthy/nasty blackened sludge that sounds like Neurosis if they were heavier, darker, meaner, and maybe listened to more Black Metal. These dudes from Vancouver don't fuck around when it comes to making super heavy music that pairs well with a full moon night, haunted forests, and decrepit old castles. Playing slow and low, each riff as that slug, chug, and crunch that makes listening to sludge metal a rewarding experience. Now mix this together with the ancient evil primordial ooze these dudes spew forth, and you have the hideous monstrous creation that is Vol. 5.
I will say before consuming this release, (IMO) it digests well if it goes down whole, rather than being enjoyed through individual songs. If you were going to go about doing it that way, I'd say cut to the chase and listen to "The Face of the Earth Was Darkened and a Black Rain Began to Fall". The song is ten minutes long and combines with the other three tracks I'm pretty sure this is still the majority and true meat of Vol 5. Tidal Waves of heavy riffage push forward cosmic debris and organic rottenness, as the vocals chants about life, death, and eternal void. Speaking of which the vocals have a pretty good range on this EP, moving between sung to visceral sickening shriek with great ease. Although I'm not really sure it's all the same person, since there are several credited. While the other songs are just as great, they all seem to support this central core to form one moving entity devoid of light.
The atmosphere on Vol. 5 is gloomy as fuck. One only needs to direct their attention to the last track titled "The Mantra is Recited Within the Catacomb of Shuggnyth" a structure-less jam that sounds like it's straight out of some sort of satanic ritual scene from an old exploitation movie. Either that or a Kenneth Anger film. If you click on the lyrics for the song on their bandcamp page (whatever they're chanting is in decipherable) it reads "…and a putrid miasma rises". I feel like this one line could describe the entire album. It's definitely some good nasty evil shit. Cheers! -Samir

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