Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Plague Years - S/T EP (2017)

Here's my part 2 of reviews for the week, where I go back and review a band who has already been featured on this blog, and is from my local scene. You probably don't know who Plague Years is, even though they've been featured here under a different name. Even then, I'm going to be humble and assume as a casual reader, you may have missed the review for the Nemesis Demo either. Well as you can probably gather, Nemesis became Plague Years, and have released a pretty fucking awesome EP that rips.
Again, like I mentioned in the Bone Folder review, this is kind of a departure from our regular Doom reviews, as this is Thrash Metal, and holy fuck is this a complete Thrash Attack. It's like Detroit's Plague Years bypassed all that Retro/Revival and Party Thrash shit and created something that's progression of what came before them that seems modern and isn't the NWOATM and they are definitely not walking the fence when it comes to moving into Death Metal either. It's totally Thrash Metal. It's aggressive, tightly wound, and ferocious as fuck. It doesn't matter if these dudes play slow, mid paced or go full on speed metal, they are a fucking force to be reckoned with, and are spitting out some of the best thrash riffs I've heard in a long time.
The guitars definitely have that familiar crunch to them, which is the culmination of decades worth or dialing in from others to find that great heavy thrash metal tone, which these dudes obviously have picked up on. It's got all of the Dual Guitar Melees, Dive Bombs, and Galloping Palm Muted Open E Strings that made me love Thrash to begin with. Not to mention the ripping leads as well. Again, the fucking riffs on here are some of the best written I have heard in a long time. I mean these dudes are the real dude when it comes to love for this genre. Some of these riffs could contend with some of the best of them. Now add in the drums with all of the double kick precision, and vocalist who's throat seems well suited for this kind of stuff. He's got a great voice as well. A step above just hardcore screaming. It's pissed, but it has some range to it. Definitely no clean singing allowed here.
Overall I'm vastly impressed with these dudes. Plague Years has to be one of the best bands in the Detroit Area IMO even though they are relatively new. They are definitely one of my favorites that I will follow and listen to anything they put out. I'd definitely like to check them out live, considering the frenetic energy that was captured on this recording. If it's replicated live, i'm sure their shows are straight bangers. Anyway, please go check this band, and check out other metal from the Detroit/Toledo Area. There's a lot of good shit in the underground that deserves some attention. Cheers! -Samir

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