Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Golden Bats - Superplateau EP (2017)

You hear about a lot of terrible, deadly creatures out in Australia, but perhaps the most dangerous is a one-man project in Brisbane by the name of Golden Bats. Over the last several years Golden Bats put out quite a few short releases of caustic, doomy sludge that will seep into your mind and eat away at your brain like acid, leaving you hollow as soon as the music ends. The most recent of these corrosive emissions is "Superplateau", the second one this year after "Falling Sparrows" back in April. There are only two tracks on this EP, but that's all that's necessary to start dissolving your insides. It starts with the title track - rhythm-heavy with a sawtooth guitar tone and biting vocals diluted in reverb. Like all their material, it's harsh and hits hard enough to knock you over. About halfway through there's a guitar lead that comes in to leak out this sticky, sinewy sorrow that opens your eyes to the desolation throughout the rest of the song. The second track, "Noose Jig", creeps in with some eerie, experimental strings plucking away, but then with the gong of a bell it explodes into a scathing metal that starts burning your skin on contact. It comes in waves of misery rolling in, then out, but never releasing you completely. Then as quickly as it came in, it dissipates into a neat sort of a western theme to try to ease you back to a stable point, but you've probably been reduced to dust. This music poses a serious threat to anyone who comes in contact, so listen at your own risk! (But seriously, take that risk, because this shit is awesome.) -Brandon

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