Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hobo Magic - The World Today (2017)

I remember first hearing Hobo Magic a couple of years ago. I had stumbled across their self-titled album on YouTube and I loved the name so damn much I had no choice but to listen to it immediately. My ears were treated to some gnarly stoner tunes rooted in classic rock that was buzzing with a dirty kind of charm - more than enough to leave me satisfied! Now, three years after their debut, the guys in Hobo Magic are back with their next album "The World Today" and they've only gotten better! The band cleaned up the sound a little bit from their last release, but that doesn't mean they've cleaned up their act - these tracks are a wild mess of riffs and groove burning with organic energy. This album is noisy stoner rock at its core, but it's also happy to branch out in other directions. There are pockets of doom ("Frostbite"), ultra mellow jams ("The Poet"), and towards the end of "Lady Of The Groove" it just decides to give up on everything that came before and becomes jazz fusion for a couple of minutes (and you'd better believe it's the best jazz fusion you've heard all year). Every member of this trio is super talented and they go balls to the wall pulling off what is essentially musical stunt work in order to create track after track of uncontrollable, hard rocking hysteria - expect to be impressed. If this shit doesn't get your blood pumping then you might be dead. -Brandon

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