Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Crushing Yellow Sun - Area 51 (2017)

Alright everyone, grab your sunscreen and lather up because you're about to be bombarded by the ultraviolet, cosmic rays of Crushing Yellow Sun! Based out of Richmond, Virginia, this is a one-man, mostly-instrumental, psychedelic-stoner workhorse. Since starting in 2016, Crushing Yellow Sun has put out more than a dozen releases under the name - in fact in the couple week time span between me I checking out "Area 51" and me sitting down to write about it, he released another EP and two compilations! Fuck, he literally just released another album AS I WROTE THIS. Even Area 51 itself kept seeing work after release - it was originally an EP, then bonus tracks were added a few days later, then a few more days pass with extra tracks, new artwork, and it had been re-classified as a full-length album! A little confusing, but the tunes are awesome so I'm not complaining. This is a non-stop series of fuzzy jams that will send you tripping through the galaxy on guitar leads filled with wah and some great basslines to back them up. On the first track "Snake Venom (Parts 1 and 2)" all the effects start to make the guitar sound like a supersonic harmonica blowing through the the universe, quickly at first and then more slowly as you drift beyond the known reaches of space. The hits roll from there with more wild spinning licks and riffs than your grandpappy can handle (probably - I mean, I guess I don't really know your grandpappy's limits). "Shipwrecked" stands out with more darkness than most tracks, starting out with some doomy bass before the wicked haze ripples through the rest of the song evoking devilish spirits. The whole album just throws down jam after jam of psychedelic stoner rock that you won't want to miss. I look forward to hearing a bunch of new Crushing Yellow Sun releases this year - plenty of back catalog to work through in the meantime! -Brandon

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