Thursday, January 18, 2018

Doomstress - Supernatural Kvlt Sounds - The Second Rite (2017)

Beneath a black mantle Doomstress performs a dark ceremony dubbed "Supernatural Kvlt Sounds - The Second Rite". The original Supernatural Kvlt Sounds first saw release back in 2016, but now with an updated mix, new artwork, and a whole extra track The Second Rite unfolds and has YOU chained to the sacrificial altar! Filled with female-fronted heavy doom with traditional metal influences thrown in, this release comes stomping through the night with a good dose of mysticism. It drives forward with steady, hard rocking force as mysterious elements creep in to give tracks a hint of occult magic. In addition to three original songs there are also two covers on here that Doomstress drags into the shadows. I love Uriah Heep so hearing Rainbow Demon get doom-ified is amazing - I had no idea how well it would work. The way it gleams with dark majesty is more than I could have hoped for. On Wicked Woman the band trades in Coven's original late 60s twang for some heavy metal chug resulting in a unique take that drives the song to new depths. Good stuff here, so when you listen to it, turn your speakers up - this is the kind of music that needs to be played loud! -Brandon

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