Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Floaters - Waiting For Amnesty (2017)

I think this is an album that slipped under everybody's radar with its release right at the end of 2017 - or at least I assume so, because if people had heard this one I think they'd be going nuts for it! Ripping out of the underbelly of Tokyo, Japan is a band called Floaters with their absolute monster of a debut album "Waiting For Amnesty". Creating a satisfyingly grotesque amalgamation of stoner, sludge, and doom the trio pounds out gnarly tunes that will eat through flesh and bone. Songs generally start out slow with abrasive sounds that will peel back layers of skin, but then move into faster, headbanging stoner riffs that are teeming with swagger - you're getting the best of both worlds here. On top of the band's harsh tone the vocalist pulls out delightfully nasty shouts to make sure that the album retains a hard edge and a nice sour flavor even through sweet stoner-doom grooves. It's a great album for the wretched slime waiting the darkness, writhing and agitated, ready to dissolve anyone it touches with an acidic embrace. Don't skip out on this one! Oh, and if you're staring at the wild cover art and want to know what the creature sounds like, check out the intro to track 7 - I'm pretty sure that's its mating call. -Brandon

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