Thursday, January 25, 2018

Pulsar - Dark Universe Arise (2017)

Transmitting across deep space frequencies from a forgotten corner of the galaxy is Pulsar. This band of German cosmonauts has been traveling between the stars and gathering material of interstellar origins in order to produce the massive sound on their debut release "Dark Universe Arise". This album features fuzzy doom metal that wavers all over the cosmos before crashing on your ears and bursting into a haze of extraterrestrial dust. They've drawn plenty of inspiration from Electric Wizard, but exposed it to space radiation and set it adrift in the quasi-psychedelic lights of a nebula resulting in a dense mass of doom metal on a galactic scale. There's a steady feed of low, rumbling riffs set across a background of crackling cosmic noise. The drummer periodically goes wild on the cymbals and it's like a series of explosions driving the music into your mind. Vocally, it's a mix of distant, despondent cries and impassioned, aggressive shouts that fit the sound perfectly. Toss in a few movie quotes picked up from neighboring frequencies you've got yourself some super massive doom tunes that will swallow you like a black hole. I don't think it needs much more qualification than that - I highly recommend you let these guys transport you to the dark parts of the universe where their wicked music was born. -Brandon

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