Friday, January 19, 2018

Su19b - Neutralize (2018)

This will be my second review of the week featuring a grind band from Japan. Unlike Friendship (who was the band I reviewed on Wednesday) Su19b revel in the slime and the muck, as their slow sewage like sludge riffs cake the tracks from their newest release "Neutralize". If anything needs to be neutralized it's the noxious stench fuming from this rotten and repulsive sounding release. It's disgusting, and I really dig it. I think what I really like is the fact that these dudes actually sound like they're playing grind riffs at sluggish time consuming pace. However it doesn't take long before these guys pick up the pace and we're treated to blast beats, d-beats, and OSDM-esque fast beats. Su19b is like the nasty result if Napalm Death an Corrupted had given birth to a demon spawn. This shit is heavy as fuck by the way.
The guitar/bass sound is just fat and bloated like a water logged corpse in a decrepit humid swamp. This is dinner music for maggots. It seems to work with both the slow and the fast stuff. While the blast parts seem to get a little lost in the mix, once they hit that d-beat, it's hard to resist banging your head along with their infectious grooves. The vocals on this release are quite sickening to say the least. This dude has has a death growl that is reduced to a gurgle and it sounds like this dude invoked an evil spirit that has taken over his body and is doing the talking for him from now on.
Overall, this band delivers when it comes to grimy and filthy sounding tunes. Their hideous and revolting dirges left me feeling pretty satisfied. Plus I mean look at their fucking album art! What do you expect this shit to sound like?I was pleased with this release, and I think you should give it a go if you like a little grind with your charred blackened sludge. I like it! Keep it gross! Cheers! -Samir

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