Thursday, August 17, 2017

Meterse- Power Collector (2017)

People often tell me that they don't like instrumental bands because they're "boring". However, I don't agree with that sentiment at all and we've got an album here that might change some minds. Meterse is an instrumental trio playing stoner/sludge out in Vancouver, WA. They just released their debut album, "Power Collector" and it's got my attention like a vise grip. Vocals or no, the songs on here grab you and keep you invested by combining swaggering riffs with dirty distortion and putting some forceful beats behind it. It's a sound that's domineering without being overwhelming - light-heartedly heavy, let's say. It's gritty, but vibrant - building passages with a rasp and a groove but never lingering on one for so long as to become monotonous. But this album isn't just a riff fest. It's got a couple of songs that have been set aside to bathe the listener in waves of ambient fuzz throwing in some percussion along the way. With the tone these tracks sit amazingly well beside the more driven tunes and keep things from getting stale. If you don't normally like instrumentals, I want to challenge you with this one. Or if you already like instrumentals, this is going to be awesome for you. -Brandon

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