Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Owlcrusher- S/T (2017)

Filthy, disgusting, and blackened to the core, Owlcrusher hail from Northern Ireland and they play hateful sludge doom oozing with loathsome riffs. This trio of hate mongers have been around for almost a decade starting out as Dwell In Sun, and have seemed to morph into a hideously deformed creature, while honing their craft and make something truly malevolent and abhorrent. I hope you like your sludge extra long and drawn out, because with only three tracks the shortest one is at 11 minutes. No worries though, as nothing on this is really that repetitive and it's packed with plenty of slow churned bowel shattering riffs. The vocals on this are harsh as fuck throughout, while the guitars have the right amount of fuzz and distortion to get some sick tones. The bass rumblings from the low end crush and destroy, and the drums slowly pummel and demolish as the band's devastation lies in the wake of its path to total apocalyptic ruin. This shit does grow on you with every listen though. As far as shit we reviewed this year the closest I think of is "Crestfallen" by Weltesser which is definitely a "best of" for the end of the year list, and I'm thinking this is going to be on there too. I'm pretty blown away by this release. It's just so fucking heavy, and sludgy in all the right places, and catchy as fuck at the same time.  When I'm looking for good Blackened Sludge Doom, this is the kinda shit i wanna find. I highly recommend this, you will not be disappointed.

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