Thursday, August 31, 2017

Mountains of Madness- Kick It In The Guts (2017)

You hear the name 'Mountains of Madness' and you're probably going to think of Lovecraft right away. But this Australian band isn't going in that direction at all. Their second EP "Kick It In The Guts" has no creep, nor crawl, no eerie atmosphere, and no unworldly horrors from beyond this plane. Instead, it's stoner metal that's built on straight-forward, gas-powered, Motorhead-injected attitude, a la Orange Goblin. It's the kind of sound that will get your heart pounding so fast that your blood will catch fire! The first half of the EP is savage and adrenaline-fueled with a great rock 'n' roll rhythm that'll have you driving down the highway at 150 miles an hour. The second half is more mid-paced with a dirty groove to get your body moving and your head banging. Every once in a while the band drops the tempo down low and you get a glimpse of something doomy, but then they kick it back into gear and return to the land of the lively. There's some grit and gravel in everything you're going to hear that give the tracks just enough bite to keep things interesting. In the end, this is exactly the kind of shit that's going to kick you in the guts. Man, they really nailed the name! -Brandon

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